BUYER’S GUIDE: Toyota GR Supra 2019, is it as good as expected?


Car power250 kW / 340 hp
Torque500 Nm
Top speed250 km/h
0-100 km/h acceleration 4.3 seconds
 Fuel consumption7.1 L/100km
Max revs6,500 rpm

Size and specifications:


Year of launch2019
Price tag69,900 €
Type of bodyworkCoupe



4.37m  x  1.85m  x  1.29m
Engine3.0 Liter in-line 6-cylinder
Weight1,570 kg
Transmission8-speed automatic
Number of seats2

Explanation and competitors:

The question that everyone(those who are not petrolheads) ask themselves when they see a Toyota Supra MKIV is … what will make of that car a sports car?

The chassis? No. The exhaust pipe? Neither. The standard engine? No.

What has fallen in love with thousands of fans is not its engine as such, but the power upgrades the engine can have. For a very low price, you can have the power you would expect from any ‘supercar’ or even ‘hypercar’, this car has been tuned up to 1200 hp. But it is that after almost two decades, Toyota introduced the new generation of this sports car, highly anticipated in the entire car community, now… after analyzing the data, do you think it has fulfilled what you expected?

We leave you a list of rivals that could compete with this model in terms of its standard specifications.

→ BMW Z4 Roadster M40i

→ Alpine A110 Légende GT

→ Audi TTS Coupe. 

Source: Toyota, Audi, Carwow.

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