Cars stay in the garage: analyzing the events cancelled by coronavirus and their impact on the automobile industry

The fast spread of coronavirus in Europe and the United States has meant that many events have had to be cancelled, including motor shows. Some of the most relevant automobile events that have been cancelled will be analyzed below:

1. North American International Auto Show 2020, United States

The largest car event in North America was ready to take place on June 9, but it has been permanently cancelled. Detroit is the most important city in the US automobile industry and its major has confirmed the news, indicating that the hall where the event was going to be held will be used as a field hospital, in which 900 beds will be enabled. Event director Rob Alberts, has mentioned that he is disappointed by the cancellation though: “The most important thing is health, safety and well-being of citizens.” Detroit is home to the headquarters of the American Big Three, Ford, Fiat Chrysler and General Motors.


2. Geneva Motor Show, Switzerland

One of the most important car shows in the world, especially in luxury segment, has been cancelled for the first time since 1980. The economic impact of the cancellation of this event is huge, due to the fact that the most exclusive brands from the market, haven’t been able to show the new models. Among them are brands such as Bugatti, Koenigsegg or McLaren.

The cancellation of this event has also led to the cancellation of the Best European Car 2020 Award. Receiving this award reflects into a very significant increase in sales of the model, which has a very positive economic impact.



3. Goodwood Festival of Speed, United Kingdom

The UK’s most spectacular event, Goodwood FOS, has been postponed after organizers received a recommendation from the British government to postpone it. The massive event promised to show us the new ‘hypercars’ on the market, piloted by professional pilots. The organizing agency along with the main sponsor of the event, Mastercard, have not indicated any specific date, but it is expected to happen in late summer or early fall. They have also stated that the fact that the event is postponed does not mean that the maintenance of the circuit will be abandoned until dates close to the event.

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4. DAY1 WORLD OF CARS, Utrecht, Países Bajos

DAY1 WOC is the largest car show in the Netherlands organized by JayJay Boske and Job “DJ LA FUENTE” Smeltzer thanks to DAY1 LIFESTYLE platform together with 402 Automotive. it Unfortunately, it has been postponed. The initial date was April 11th, and it has been moved to the end of December. In order to “alleviate” this waiting time, they have organized an extra event at the TT Circuit of Assen, circuit where the MotoGP Dutch GP takes place. This will be held in early July, where there will also be a wide range of supercars. Organizers say that all the guests, including ‘youtuber’ Shmee150, have supported the date change in a very positive way and are very satisfied with the organization of the event. What we don’t know yet, is whether all the guests will also participate in the extra summer event.


5. Presentation of the Porsche 911(992) Turbo S, USA

Porsche brought us this year the 992, the new version of the classic 911, a true icon of the automobile. After the presentation of most versions of the model, the Turbo S, with 650 horsepower, was presented in Germany. After the great success that was the 991, it was decided to make a second exhibition of the model in the United States, where a direct test drive would also be carried out. This has been canceled due to the coronavirus. The United States is a very important market for Porsche, therefore the cancellation of the presentation is going to be a blow to the sales of the Stuttgart house.

6. Audi A3 Sportback 2020 Presentation

The Audi A3 Sportback is Audi’s best-selling car in Spain and in many places around the world. The presentation of Audi’s most important model has been cancelled due to COVID-19. It was expected to be presented on March 3, in order to be exposed 2 days later at the Geneva Motor Show (also canceled). Audi has decided to permanently cancel the presentation both physically and online. Audi has implemented the new in-car entertainment system, a plug-in hybrid version, the micro-hybrid version of the 150hp TFSI (gasoline) engine, a new design with more aggressive side lines and new headlights in this new version of the A3 Sportback.


Source: Audi y DAY1 

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