CARS WITH LEGACY: Ferrari 458 Italia

With the arrival of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the Maranello carmaker opens a new path to electrification. In terms
Technological is the new icing on the Ferrari cake, but in terms of design that position belongs to his great-grandfather, the Ferrari 458 Italia. With him, began the saga that now culminates with the SF90, and which has gone through the 488 and the F8 Tributo.
It is clear that the legacy that the 458 Italia has left on the following new generations of ‘berlinettas’ from the Italian house is still present. But how did it all start?

Ferrari has always followed the same formula for its mid-engine models: from the 360 Modena, a model is presented, it takes a while for them to show their extreme version for the circuit, they bring out a new model with the improved structure and they repeat the process. It has been this way until the arrival of the F8 Tributo. We could say that the “superiors” of Ferrari have liked the design of the 458 so much, that they are squeezing every single detail of it on their new cars. And it is no surprise.

The 458 has been recognized as one of the most beautiful cars in the world, with a record of more than 30 international awards both for its design and for its technology derived from the world of Formula 1. Its lines have been inspired by the Ferrari Enzo, they have been sculpted with the collaboration of Pininfarina and perfected in the wind tunnel.

One thing should be highlighted about him: his natural beauty. In nature we can find a characteristic that this ‘berlinetta’ also possesses: the fluid lines connected to each other.

As can be seen in the image, all the front lines connect with the rear lines. The lines flow from start to finish, and that can be found in nature, the lines of rock formations, a mountain landscape, a valley…  And that’s what gives it that beauty. No line is interrupted, it is a continuous flow and the wind passes happily through them. It is like the current that flows down the river without pause.

In conclusion, it is a car that has taken over all the hearts of the Ferrari lovers and almost all enthusiasts of the automobile world and Ferrari knows that much can be done with the 458, as we are seeing in its latest models.

Source: Ferrari

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