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Cheapest cars by price/horsepower

All people like cheap things and all car lovers, power. Today we will talk about which are the best price/horsepower cars. For this compilation we have chosen the standard price of each model.

These are the 10 best cars with that relationship that we like so much. Who doesn't like good and cheap?

1. Opel Corsa OPC: (95,24 €/hp)

 This Opel has 200 hp and its base price is 20,008 euros, therefore each horsepower will cost 95.24 euros.

2. Ford Focus ST: (97,02 €/hp)

 This Ford has 250 hp and you can buy it for 24,255 euros. If we calculate, this car gives us a wonderful relationship, as each horsepower will cost us 97.02 euros.

3. Peugeot 208 GTI: (100 €/hp) 

 This Peugeot has 208 hp and we can buy it for 20,800 euros. This car, apart from the horsepower it has, has surprising finishes and the French brand proposes a car of wonderful quality. Each horsepower will cost us 100 euros.

4. Nissan 370z: (100,76 €/hp)

 This 370z has 328 hp and we can buy it for 33,000 euros. The Nissan 370z is one of the most expensive cars, but at the same time it is one of the few that exceeds 300 horsepower, and it must be said that, although, the number of horsepower it provides is very good, the qualities of the interior are not. It is true that right now we only look for the maximum hp for the minimum price. The ratio is             100.76 €/hp.

 5. Seat León Cupra: (102,66 €/hp)

This Cupra has 300 hp and we are proud that it appears on this list. This 300 horsepower Seat León is for sale for 30,800 euros, therefore each hp will cost us a little more than 100 euros, specifically €102.66.

6. Nissan Juke Nismo RS: (110,11 €/hp)

This SUV of the Japanese brand has 218 hp and you can buy it for a price of 24,004 euros, in addition, this is the only SUV on this list. The interior is not the best but as I have said before, it is not the most important thing on this list. The ratio is 110.11 €/hp.

 7. Renault Clio RS: (111,56 €/hp)

This car has 220 hp and you can get it for 24,546 euros, it must be taken into account that it is the Trophy version. The ratio is 111.56 €/hp.

  8. Ford Mustang GT: (112,32 €/hp)

This American ‘muscle car’ apart from being manual, it is the only one that exceeds 400 horsepower, its produces exactly 418 hp. Its price tag is 46,950 euros and the ratio is 112.32 €/hp.

 9. Ford Focus RS: (114,46 €/hp)

This beast has 350 hp and costs 40,065 euros. The power price ratio is 114.46 €/ hp.

10. Peugeot 308 GTI: (118 €/hp)

This car generates 270 hp and has a market value of 31,846 euros, therefore it has a price/power ratio of 118 €/hp.

After exposing all the data we are going to choose the best, this choice is very subjective since we have not yet tested any of these cars but if we had to choose one, we were definitely go for the Ford Focus RS. It is one of the cars with the most aggressive and sporty appearance, and, although it does not have a bodywork as sporty as the Mustang or 370z, we prefer it.

We hope you have enjoyed this ranking, email us to suggesting our next ranking!

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