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Do you want to change your car’s exhaust system? Read this article before!

Sound is a sensation that is generated by a set of vibrations. Sounds are perceived in a pleasant or unpleasant way, but there are certain that are usually perceived in very contrasting ways, such as the sound of a good exhaust pipe.

With the following information it will be easier for you to choose which is your favorite exhaust pipe or which it is you are going to add to your car:

What are the benefits of changing your car’s exhaust pipe?

Sound modification​: When you choose to replace the standard tailpipe with a modified one, you have to be aware of the sound that it will have since the sound’s change can be very different. This benefit is a disadvantage for some, so you have to choose the new exhaust after analyzing it carefully.

Environmentally friendly​: the catalytic converters of the prepared exhausts are larger and technologically superior, which reduces the polluting gases expelled.

Resale price​: replacing the manufacturer’s exhaust pipe with a modified one will increase the resale price of the car. Depending on the company you bought the exhaust from, the price of it will be different, and consequently the increase in the value of the car will also.

What disadvantages can you find if you change the exhaust pipe?

Sound modification​: As mentioned above, modifying the sound generated by the tailpipe can be very rewarding or, on the contrary, extremely annoying and noisy.

Exhaust weight​: this disadvantage depends on the material from which the exhaust is made. Titanium or Inconel exhausts are the best due to their light weight and high resistance.

Main types of exhaust system:

​Axle-back​: Axle-back exhaust systems are an easy and affordable way to alter the sound and look of your vehicle. They are the cheapest between the cat-back and the header-back and are ideal for people looking to give their vehicle a more aggressive sound and appearance without having to throw the house out the window.

Cat-back​: On the other hand, cat-back exhaust systems are more expensive than axle-back systems, but they also provide more than just a new sound and look. Cat-back exhaust systems come with moderate power upgrades and replace everything from the catalytic converter to the tailpipe.

Header-back​: Header-back exhaust systems replace the entire exhaust of your vehicle. These are the most expensive exhaust kits, but they also provide the greatest benefits in every aspect. Installation of such an exhaust system may require some modifications, and it will have to be installed by a professional mechanic. These exhaust systems include performance extractors, catalytic converters, mufflers and pipes.

How expensive could it be to change the exhaust system?

Depending on the type of exhaust system and the company you buy it from, prices will vary:

Akrapovic​(header-back) => around 4000 euros

Armytrix​(header-back) => around 4000 euros

Milltek​(cat-back) => between 500-750 euros

MagnaFlow​ ​15160​(axle-back) => between 500-600 euros


In which cars do these exhaust systems fit best?

Armytrix​ – VW Golf R or Golf GTI, G-Wagon

Akrapovic​ – Audi RS6 and BMW M4 

Capristo​ – Audi R8 and Ferrari FF

Fi (Frequency Intelligent)​ – any BMW, especially the X6M and M5

Milltek​ – Audi RS6

MTM​ – Audi RS5 and Audi R8

Elmerhaus​ – Mercedes-AMG C63 2012 and Mercedes SLS AMG MagnaFlow​ ​15160​ – Toyota Supra 2020 and Jeep Wrangler


We hope this article has been useful to you, tell ys which exhaust pipe you would like in your car! 

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