Ferrari: 2019’s most profitable company per unit sold

After presenting the financial results of the Maranello’s manufacturer were presented we have been able to confirm that Ferrari is crowned as the most profitable car manufacturing company of the year.

The average price of one of these supercars is approximately 300,000 euros, and if we take into account that Ferrari earns 86,000 euros of profit for each unit sold, we can understand that it is the most profitable manufacturer of 2019 in terms of benefits for each vehicle sold. refers. Over the past year, Ferrari has sold a total of 10,131 units, almost 900 more than the previous year. On the contrary, and due to the investment of 94 million euros destined for Formula 1 achieving lousy results, its net profit fell by 11%, from 787 million in 2018 compared to 699 last year. This did not mean that the prestigious consulting firm Brand Finance evaluated Ferrari as the most powerful company in the world.

Although Ferrari is the manufacturer of one of the most profitable models, the F8 Tribute, which is estimated to have a 50% profit margin, only 17% of this profit goes to Maranello. Instead, Porsche earns 29% of the profit for every 911 it sells, and it is speculated that in the most exclusive versions of this model such as the GT2 RS or the Turbo S, this margin could be even higher.

Regardless of this profit that Ferrari obtains from the sale of models, the vast majority of the brand’s benefits are from the licensing of rights to third parties, merchandising. Hence for example we find in Abu Dhabi the Ferrari World, clothing lines or watch lines.

In addition to these two profitable companies, we also find two non-profitable companies. Tesla and Aston Martin ended the last year with losses of 3,600 and 38,000 euros respectively. While it is true that Ferrari’s 94 million investment in Formula 1 is remarkable, these two manufacturers have invested massively in the development of new models, in the case of Aston Martin the DBX, and new factories, such as the gigafactories of Tesla.

Source: Ferrari, Porsche y Autotest

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