He crashes his Gemballa Mirage GT four times… and keeps driving it!

We have been able to confirm that the number ‘23’ of the 25 Gemballa Mirage GT ever made, has suffered a tremendous accident on the streets of Manhattan, New York. This extreme version of the Porsche Carrera GT was sold for 780,000 US dollars in 2006, although its price has increased to almost 2,300,000 euros.

A security camera recorded how the Mirage GT hits a Toyota Sienna parked on the sidewalk and crashes into three more vehicles. The driver decided to continue driving despite the terrible condition of the car, although he had to stop several hundred meters later.

It is still being speculated if the driver was drunk, but until the New York Police Department confirms it, we cannot offer more details.

It is, without a doubt, a shame that this amazing supercar has suffered such an accident and it is very possible that this supposes that it is not going to be repaired with the Gemballa parts, due to its exclusivity.

The positive aspect to this negative news is that the driver wasn’t injured in the accident and did not have to be transferred to a hospital. Unfortunately for him, he was arrested for driving under the influence of the drugs, although we will keep on waiting for the NYPD’s confirmation.

Until then, we will keep you informed of everything that happens in the car industry.

Source: New York Police Department

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