McLaren’s next hybrid hypercar in 2024?

In 2012 we met the McLaren P1, the fastest Woking’s fastest car. That in characteristics it happened to the McLaren F1, the most emblematic car of the British firm. Today, one of the top executives at the English supercar company, Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren Automotive, has confirmed that this wonderful hypercar that had 916 horses will have a successor as the McLaren F1 did. This new hypercar will belong to the family known as Ultimate Series. Flewitt has not revealed much data in the interview that he has offered to Autocar, but he has provided us with relevant data. Apart from saying what the car will incorporate, it has revealed what it will not contain. We can almost certainly know that it will feature hybridization. And is that the CEO of McLaren revealed that this model will not be electric with the following appointment:

Mike Flewitt: "I like electric cars, they are comfortable, responsive and fast, but what I don't like about them is that they have a very high charging time, we have to take into account that many of our clients will want to take the car to the circuit and a battery couldn't allow more than 30 minutes of fun. "

We can not rejoice more than this news, since Car Reviews Magazine are passionate about the combustion engine. We also know that possibly, it will have the new hybrid platform of that version of the 570s that has been seen rolling through the streets. We must say that this version promises a lot, and it will certainly be difficult to improve the P1, since when it came out in 2012, it was at the top of its segment, and it certainly continues to be today.

In short, this car will be hybrid and it is very possible that it has a V6 block as some models in the McLaren range have today. We hope that in 2024, we can see him rolling through the streets of Spain, but it will surely be easier to see him in the Monte Carlo casino.


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