Porsche’s last 991 unit rolls out Zuffenhausen

I have been seeing the new Porsche 911, the 992, in the dealerships and on the streets for several months, but it was not until the beginning of the second quarter of 2020 when the German firm has terminated the seventh generation of 911 after assembling the last 991 and is that as they have accustomed us at Porsche, the 911 at the end of its life always shares, for a few months, a gap, both in dealerships and in factories, with its successor.

With chassis number 1897/1948 the latest 991 has been produced, a Speedster with GT Silver Metallic paint finish that serves as a swan’s edge for one of the best generation of the emblematic Porsche 911, as long as we talk about the Watercool versions.

This unit in particular, which comes equipped with the expanded tank or the front axle lift kit among other options, will be auctioned next April 22 at the prestigious RM Sotheby’s, donating the total collected for the fight against the Covid-19 .

In addition, the future owner of this jewel in automotive history will be able to enjoy a pack consisting of an exclusive Porsche Design Chronograph 911 Speedster Heritage Design watch, a leather book documenting the car construction process and a vehicle delivery at the annual Monterrey event which includes, of course, both accommodation and transportation.

The 911 Speedster is the convertible variant of the 911 GT3, sharing an atmospheric flat-six 4.0 liters engine and 500 hp of power transferred to a six-ratio manual gearbox. Quite a sports car to enjoy and it is that today, unfortunately, cars are no longer manufactured like this, Porsche being one of the few brands that continue to bet on manual changes and naturally aspirated engines.

Source: Porsche

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