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SIM RACING: Formula 1 drivers keep competing virtually

While it is true that ‘sim racing’ is a common form of training for drivers of Formula 1 and more categories, almost none attended ‘online’ racing.

The impact of the coronavirus in the automotive industry has been devastating, as in motorsport competitions such as Formula 1 (link to other article).

And since the vast majority of races of the year have been suspended or postponed, organizations like NASCAR or F1 have decided to make virtual Grand Prixs for us, the fans of these races, to be able to continue enjoying these competitions. Some pilots have even decided to “abandon” their team and have joined virtual ‘sim racing’ teams. These pilots frequent both the ‘online’ races and the direct ones from social networks such as Twitch or YouTube:

These five pilots actively participate in the Virtual GPs organized by the FIA:


The young British McLaren driver is known beyond his career as a Formula 1 driver, as his YouTube channel has more than 300,000 followers. Not so well known on the drivers’ grid, both his activity and his followers have increased dramatically in these days of virtual racing. Lando is appreciated by his followers both for his humor and for the positive energy he transmits in his ‘gameplays’. Join the Veloce Esports team. He has participated in all F1 virtual GPs so far, finishing sixth in Australia and tenth in Bahrain.


Max Verstappen, Max Verstappen. By watching a Formula 1 race you will appreciate the very competitive character that the Dutch driver has both on and off the circuit. He finished third last year in the championship at just 22 years old and we can see his level in both GPs and virtual races. The pilot has decided to join the ‘sim racing’ team, Veloce Esports as well as Norris. Max participates in virtual races but at the moment he has not participated in any virtual race organized by F1, nor does he do live broadcasts on any platform but we have been able to see him live on Lando Norris.


The young Monaco-born Ferrari driver has participated for the first time in the last GP organized by Formula, the virtual GP of Vietnam. Both he and his brother Arthur participated in the race, although Charles claimed victory while his brother took fourth place. Their rivalry in the competition is known and nothing less than a good dispute was expected and so it was, a couple of errors led Arthur from second place to fourth. Charles does not do live broadcasts but we could see him playing the GP through the F1 live broadcast.


The British driver of the Williams team made his ‘debut’ as a virtual pilot in the Virtual GP of Vietnam rising to third place. Ironically, the Williams team celebrated what could be considered their first podium, this has generated a multitude of memes on social networks. Russell does not broadcast his careers live as we could only be seen driving through the Formula 1 platform as well as Charles Leclerc.



The world champion in 2009 with the Honda team has participated in the “Grand Prix” of Vietnam finishing in twelfth-place. The ex-British driver has gone unnoticed since his retirement in 2017 and surprisingly we could see him competing 2 weeks ago in the virtual GP. What we cannot confirm is whether he will be present at the next GP.

Source: Formula 1

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