The RS7 is one of the most powerful cars in the Audi range. It has 600 horsepower and of course it is a fast car, and if we get two prestigious brands to work together we get the Audi RS7-R. An ABT preparation that manages to add 140 more horses to this beast, achieving a final figure of 740 horsepower produced by an enormous 4.0-liter V8 biturbo engine. It not only has more horsepower but more carbon fiber and more torque, which goes from 800 NM to 920 NM, a monstrous increase. This Audi RS7-R will also have a better suspension, which is designed from scratch and will make you feel every tiny stone on the road. It will have new wheels with a sportier and lighter design. The rear diffuser is much more aggressive, and will feature more carbon fiber and modified exhausts. The front of the car is more aggressive and it is equipped with a very large front lip, of course, it is made of carbon fiber, all this with details in red. It clearly won’t be difficult to distinguish the RS7-R from a normal RS7 as this model will be limited to only 125 units and it will be rare to see on the streets.

You will easily recognized that you are in a RS7-R and not in a RS7

On the inside, of course, more carbon fiber and a lot of Alcantara. It is easy to know that you are getting on an Audi RS7-R since the seats and the nameplates indicate this. The back of each seat is completely covered in carbon fiber and it just looks great. The seat is made of leather with details in alcantara which gives it a very aggressive look. We can also find an embroidery in red that tells us which monster we are riding on. The steering wheel is the sportiest variant all the ones available and of course it has been modified by the German brand. We can see that it is flattened underneath and has carbon fiber as well as the gear selector. We can also see tons of plates that indicate that this RS7-R is a special edition limited to 125 units, as previously mentioned.

The original price tag of the Audi RS7 is 154,000 euros, and ABT’s tuning comes out for 75,000 euros, which results in the scandalous figure of 229,000 euros. We will have to see how this 740HP beast behaves both on the road and in circuit and we will hopefully see one of these ‘animals’, although with only 125 units rolling through the streets around the world, it will be complicated.

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Source: ABT-Sportsline

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