What is the famous Ferrari Corse Clienti?

Ferrari stands for exclusivity and sportiness, Corse is racing and Clienti is a customer in Italian. Of course with these three elements, it is not difficult to realize that we are dealing with the Ferrari racing department for customers. In this exclusive Ferrari department, your most VIP clients will have access to acquire different brand vehicles made and used exclusively for competition.

Knowing more or less what this exclusive Ferrari program is, let’s go into the matter to discover something that only 1% of its customers can obtain, or even less.

As we have already mentioned, this program is exclusively for the best Ferrari customers, and is divided into two main categories, the Formula 1 series and the XX series, the latter are all Ferrari derived from street cars prepared entirely for the circuit, as examples the FXXK, based on the Ferrari LaFerrari, the 599XX based on the 599 GTO or the FXXK EVO, the improved version from the FXXK.

Knowing that a “mega” client from the house of Maranello can opt for these two options, we will explain in more detail, what this consists of.

The ultra-exclusive Ferrari club: Ferrari Corse Clienti

To buy one of these racing cars, Ferrari has you, either to invite or to accept, as was the case with the LaFerrari Aperta. Later you have to pay the price of these competition cars and finally, each circuit they frequent has a cost of between 10,000 and 15,000 euros per person. Of course this is amazing, but, as the source of this article (@Salomondrin) says, it is not so much money. These pilots are provided with the hotel, the mechanics, the logistics, the food and the circuit. Undoubtedly, this amount of money seems justifiable, even so, it must be borne in mind that the mechanics who accompany you are mechanics of Formula 1 for example and … who does not want to work with the former engineer of Fernando Alonso, for example. Of course in these ‘trackdays’, you go very well accompanied.

ferrari corsa clienti

We already know what it is, what it is like and the price of spending a few days in a circuit of the stature of Suzuka, Spa or Laguna Seca. Now we will talk about how much you have to pay to get a Ferrari F1 or an FXXK EVO. The price of a Formula 1 varies, depending on the year, the driver who drove it, whether the car itself won a world title, reliability, etc … Some of those who drove Michael Schumacher may be around 3 million euros, as stated Marc Gené when teaching the F1 Clienti department to Antonio Lobato. The FXXK EVOs are somewhat more affordable, although they are still far from what most will earn in their entire lives, the FXXK EVOs cost an astronomical figure of 2.2 million euros.

In conclusion, the Ferrari Corse Clienti is one of the most exclusive and expensive clubs in the world made for true motor enthusiasts and of course, wealthy. Without a doubt, being part of this program is everyone’s dream. Now that you also know what this speed and luxury program is, if you want to know more, don’t hesitate to watch the @Salomondrin video, in which he explains everything in detail. Tell us what you think in the comments and of course visit us on our social networks.

Ferrari corsa clienti

Source: Ferrari y Salomodrin.

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